A Strange Introduction

I’m not good at introductory posts

I’m not good at a lot of introductory things, actually, even though I love the idea of new beginnings. Where does one start? Should I introduce myself? List down the things I like? (1. Coffee 2. Coffee 3. Coffee.) Perhaps mention my awkward habit of using brackets inappropriately? (Probably not.)

Where to begin.

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There is this library I like to visit that is a few minutes’ drive for my house. I won’t mention the name, but it’s a tiny brick-lined establishment at the corner of a crooked side-street. When you enter the place you’re immediately hit by the strong scent of freshly-brewed coffee; there is a coffee shop in a corner with a dozen different mugs hung on the brick wall behind it. The small space beyond is filled with shelves upon shelves of musty smelling books, a lot of which are older than you are.

Most are fiction. Some are about weather patterns or philosophical theories or rare types of underwater species, every possible topic under the sun. Usually I grab one I like and make my way to the very end of the store, where, hidden behind the mystery section is an old-fashioned leather armchair, the kind you’d expect to encounter in a Victorian study. It’s very cosy. The chair creaks slightly under my weight as I prop my feet up and lay back. The coffee I place on a fake tree stump besides the chair. Then I delve into my reading.

I decided to embark upon this blog for a number of reasons, but first and foremost of them is to make someone, somewhere feel as I do when I sit in the snug corner of that coffee shop. It’s a picture of absolute comfort and warmth, isn’t it? I love coffee, and I love books, and I’m hoping this little space will turn out to be a strange but interesting amalgamation of the two.

So. Here we are.

Blogging may be a “dead art” ( or at least that’s what they say), but this isn’t going to stop me from pouring my mindless wandering thoughts out onto the ether. I’m not quite sure what I plan on doing here, but expect a fair bit of fiction and literature things and pictures of coffee.

Also a lot of brackets.


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