Our eyes met but once,

brief, desultory. Somewhere in

the distance a burning ball of fire

laid claim to a singular planet.

Glaciers rose and fell,

swallowed up by a fathomless

sea. A baby let out its first cry.

Bombinating bees stole nectar

from an unsuspecting flower.

Two lovers danced, laughed,

cried, forgot the taste of

each others names. The tip

of the Great Pyramid fell, crumbled,

melted into the boundless Nile.

All in one infinite epoch,

your lips, aquiver, turned to smile.

Our brief dalliance paused;

You laughed at a joke you didn’t hear

I tucked my hair behind my ear

Somewhere, whilst stars fell to disuse,

a possibility rose to formation.


Our eyes met again (twice).

I wondered, briefly, as laughter

and conversation floated amid,

if I’d ever retell this tale.

(As it turns out, I did.)

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